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Like many personal finance "products" there are different names for what are essentially the same thing.

The following list refers to the most common terms for personal insurance.

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AKA Accident, Sickness and Unemployment

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Critical Illness Insurance Guide

What is it?

Summary of cover

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What is it?

Critical illness insurance pays you a lump sum if you become seriously ill.

Most critical illness policies are restricted to a limited list of illnesses.

So there's a problem if you get a critical illness which is not one of those covered... you'd be wise to do some research into what isn't covered and how likely you are to get it.

If you can, try to check out your family health history as that will give indicators to possible future health problems. Be careful what you say to your doctor about this though as their notes could be viewed by the insurers...

To avoid the danger of being caught out by an illness which isn't on the list covered, consider Long Term Income Protection

If you get a payment you can do what you like with the money.

Critical illness insurance is often used for "business protection" reasons. (If the key players in a business become seriously ill it can have major commercial implications).


Summary of Cover

A critical illness policy is an insurance policy, which pays out a lump sum on diagnosis of serious illness. However it usually has to be an illness on a list agreed beforehand.

The term and sum to be insured are decided at the outset.

If a critical illness is diagnosed during the specified term then the sum insured is paid out.

If you have not suffered any serious illness at the end of the term then the plan ceases and nothing is paid out.

The plan can be set up on a single or joint life basis and can be added to either Level Term or Mortgage Protection Assurance.


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The best thing is to have one recommended by word of mouth.

However if you can't find one that way, we've had a careful look around and have identified the ones we believe offer the best value.

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